We Make Learning Fun!
The Kids Playhouse is proud to offer a developmental age appropriate program for children. Our program
over the course of time will allow your child to master the skills listed below which will in turn jump start their
education and make the transition from child care to elementary school a breeze!
Know and write first and last name appropriately (upper case/lower case), don't
forget the finger space!
Know parent's first and last names.
Know address (street, city, state) and phone number.
Recognize and differentiate upper and lower case letters and numbers to 20.
Know basic phonics and decode short words using phonics knowledge.
Name six basic shapes (square, circle, triangle, oval, rectangle, diamond) and copy
Name eight basic colors.
Know body parts (leg, arm, shoulder, back, elbow, knee, foot, thumb, hand, head,
ear, nose, eye, mouth, chin, hair, toes, fingers, neck).
Spatial relationships (in, out, on, off, over, under, top, middle, bottom, between,
beside, inside, outside, before, after, in back of, in front of, ordinals to the 10th)
Follow a three step direction.
Sequence first, next, last.
Use pencils, crayons, scissors with control.
Draw a person with 5 body parts (face, arms, legs).
Describe an object or picture using three to five complete sentences.
Catch and throw an eight inch ball with control.
Hop on one foot, skip and gallop!
When we're not learning, we're doing lots of fun stuff like taking a hike to the local park, having water play
days, art projects, special themed weeks (ocean, insect, dinosaurs, etc) and getting to read an assortment of
books!  Oh!  We forgot to mention our room filled with arcade games, kids pool table and table hockey!
Spanish teachings are also
included in our curriculum!  
Names of animals
Family members
Food items
After All That Learning . . .